It’s Time To

Protect Our

Native Forests


Across victoria’s central highlands

They aren’t just unique places to visit, our native forests create a healthy, liveable environment for every Victorian.

Just one hour from Melbourne’s suburbs, our native forests of the Central Highlands are producing our water, storing vast amounts of carbon, helping to stabilise our climate and are home to Victoria’s iconic plants and animals.

But these special places are facing serious harm and collapse, and they urgently need your help to protect them.

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We all have the power to protect our native forests, and we’re doing something about it.

Incorporated in 2008, Warburton Environment is a not for profit, non government community organisation dedicated to protecting the forests of the Central Highlands of Victoria.

The native forests of Victoria’s Central Highlands are crucial economically, environmentally and culturally to Victoria. These forests are facing serious ecosystem degradation and collapse due to industrial logging and ineffective environment regulations. The forests are also facing an increase in catastrophic bushfires due to a heating climate. 

Warburton Environment welcomes you to be part of the change, to help protect these forests now and for future generations. We welcome you to come and visit the native forests of the Central Highlands of Victoria and to learn  how important healthy forests are to you, and every Victorian.

Victoria’s native forests are worth more standing.

Environmentally and economically, learn why Victoria’s native forests are worth far more standing.


Learn about native forest logging.

Unsustainable and unviable, get up to speed with the industrial destruction happening in native forests.

Learn how you can help to protect our native forests.

We all have the power to protect our forests. Learn what steps you can take today to help end native forests logging. 


Learn about a better future for our native forests.

Learn, from peer reviewed experts, which solutions our leaders already have available but are choosing to ignore.  


Latest News

After the Logging report
After the Logging report

After the Logging  new report reveals “systemic and widespread” failure to regrow Victoria’s forests after loggingdownload reportWoodchips to WeedsVictorian government agency VicForests is failing to regrow the state's native forests, with a third of coupes...

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Federal Court
Federal Court

A case has been lodged in the Federal Court against the Victorian Government after a greater glider was found dead sparking outrage this month over logging in the Yarra Ranges National Park.

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Warburton Environment acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders of this stolen unceded sovereign Country.

WE pay our deep gratitude and respect to Elders of past, present and emerging. WE show our solidarity with First Nations people by actively developing meaningful relationships that amplify their voices.

These mountain ash forests are recognised as the most carbon dense on earth. It is our duty to protect and enliven them for the future of our water, biodiversity, culture, and Country

- Nic Fox, President, Warburton Environment